My Paintings

Sometimes it seems humanity has forgotten,
that deep within we are made out of love.
I allow my art come from my heart – to remember.

Would you like to receive your very personal Mandala?

If you feel a desire to have your own, unique Mandala,       I can paint it for you!
Think of your most beloved animal and feel into your favorite colors! For yourself, for a loved one or someone special for a special occasion!  

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Akash is the space where creation starts to unfold. It means ‘space’ or ‘sky’. It is pure and endlessly wide. The central symbol of the downward pointing triangle is also known as “chalice”, a feminine energy. All knowing and possibilities can be found within. 


The sun is the creator of all life. Every creature is like a drop in the endless ocean of all possibilities. ‘Tejas’ is a Sanskrit term, translating as ‘fire’ or ‘illumination’. It is an energy, embodying vitality and immense inner power.


Vayu is the atmosphere that settles in Akash. In Sanskrit, it is the Hindu God of the winds and ‘that which flows’. As an energetic force that moves in a specific direction, it rules our inward motion. With this healing inner movement unlimited harmony and love are accessible to all of us. The central symbol of the interwoven 6-pointed star is called “The Seal of Solomon”. Most world religions consider it a symbol of rebirth, reincarnation, and protection.


“He traced her silhouette with moonlight and found in the stars the calligraphy of her soul.” Moonlight, with its cooling and soothing, can have a transformative effect on us. The mind might be affected by storms and turbulence, but the light of the night, the light in the midst of darkness will guide our way.


The water element moves the polarity within us. Its energy soothes our soul as rain, mist, ocean waves, and river songs. Apas holds the energy of courage, truth, and reality in combination with creativity, sexuality and pleasure. This is a most embodied concept and the imagery will support to unite all of it in life.


The circle is the symbol of universal unity and a collection point for universal forces. In Sanskrit, it is connected to the heart chakra. Everyone has to find their peace from within. And true inner peace is unaffected by outside circumstances.


“I had a dream of life as a song. Then one day I woke up, realizing I had it all along.” The Sanskrit word for ‘dream’ is ‘Svapna’, which also alludes to ‘sleep’ and ‘journey outside of our physical body’. It is a state of consciousness that can only be perceived within the realm of imagination and flow. The central symbol is the tree, or tree of life with the circle, both standing for eternal life and connecting all forms of creation. The tree of life symbolizes our natural connection with the divine.


Earth is the space to exist within. It evolves out of all other four elements (ether, air, fire, water). It is humanity’s realm or plane of existence, being deeply connected to our human experience, while being “one of various homes”. The central symbol of yin and yang stands for opposite, but interconnected forces, a cosmic duality that includes each other’s complementing energies. All creation is connected and bursts out in life in perfect harmony.


“I am. Graceful, endless, beautiful, and strong.” Ocean refers to breathing, especially the spiritual or psychic breath of life itself. Ever coming, ever going, like a wave in the ocean. The central symbolism of the moon over the ocean both represent femininity, mystery, and cyclical changes. The playful dolphins remind us to allow these changes with ease, in connection with each other, and in gratitude.

“Art can manifest the beauty of our souls. Surrounding ourselves with these loving vibrations lifts our hearts and minds.”


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